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The "Cow Tipper" is an innovative hydraulic roll over crush that has been designed to simplify the cow foot trimming process and offers extensive benefits both in terms of reduced cost and more importantly cow care.

The CowTipper is available in a range of models including:

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The Cow Tipper has been developed to reduce stress on both the animal and the operator. It is easy to handle and the use of an extended rump rail allows the operator to guide even the most stubborn animal easily into the crush, so all treatment can be carried out with the minimum of effort in complete safety.

It comes in a variety of models, all with our unique rail rump rail to guide in the most stubborn of animals in ease and safety.

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Why you need a CowTipper?

"After infertility and mastitis, lameness is the third most common reason for culling cows on dairy farms. In the average dairy herd 16 out of every 100 cows is affected by lameness per year, with an average incidence of 22 cases per 100 cows - some cows being affected more than once. Lameness has both direct and indirect costs and together these are estimated to total approximately 170 per case. This costs the average 100-cow dairy herd almost 4000 per year."

Our hydraulic cattle handling crush helps maximise the potential of your herd by keeping the feet of your animals in good condition, in a cost effective and labour saving manner.

We provide a range of products including mobile and stationary chutes with belly band or squeeze side to a wide range of customers; including dairy farmers, vets, farm relief workers and hoof trimmers. Whatever your background or needs make sure you call us on 0044 28867 36170.

Advantages of our CowTipper

We are the only crush on the market that has an extendable rail rump that guides in the most stubborn of animal in complete ease and safety. See it with your own eyes in our CowTipper Videos Section.

Other brilliant features of our CowTippers include:

Professional Service

We are well renowned for providing a friendly, professional and reliable service and our reputation is second to none. We have excellent prices on crushes and have exported our products around the world.

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